Design is thinking made visual.
We seek to inspire positive emotions through unique designs.


We're on a mission. We envision a world where everyone can live a rich life: get access to art and culture, live its ideal lifestyle, and achieve amazing things. And because the only thing better than life is a Rich Life, Design Matters.

Neucarl is a design company that aspires to become one of the most recognized and valued independent watch brands. Passion for creating unique watches drives us. Our rich life consists in learning something new every day, getting great people together, designing stunning watches, and getting out of our comfort zone. We put all of our soul into subtle designs and our energy into a high-level customer experience.

We make every Neucarl timepiece with an unwavering commitment to industrial design,
the aesthetic balance of architecture, combining the precision of Swiss watchmaking engineering
with the excellence of French design to create something unique, daring, yet timeless and minimalistic.


Strive for Excellence,
Focus on Design and Think Big.

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