The Sept Mai, An Architectural Timepiece

The Sept Mai is an original and independent creation with a solid visual identity, subtly influenced by modern art and retro-futuristic trends. It combines futuristic engineering with a minimalist and streamlined design from the 20th century.

The Sept Mai is a stunning and timeless watch that borrows from both the past and the future to capture the moment.

Let's dive into the design.

When Architecture Meets Horology

Mainly inspired by the former TWA terminal at New York's JFK airport, designed by Finnish-born architect Eero Saarinen, the striking lines of the N.01 case give its elegant slenderness to The Sept Mai  –only 8mm without the domed sapphire.

A masterpiece of 20th century architecture

The atypical aesthetics of the N.01 case used by The Sept Mai pays homage to the futuristic architecture of the former TWA terminal at JFK airport in New York.

The avant-garde ideas of Finnish-American architect Eero Saarinen give the Sept Mai an elegant thinness - only 8 mm without the glass.

Its fluid profile incorporates the design codes that led to the creation of the TWA Flight Center: asymmetry of the main case, depth of visual field, refined lines, and curves stretched to infinity.

"The Sept Mai is an exceptional watch and a master class in balance. It is at once industrial and organic (...) a watch that will still look cutting-edge 20 years from now. I was blown away by this watch and if you have any affinity for Modernism, I suspect you will be too. "

— The Time Bum, UK

"What a breath of fresh air to get something in for review that’s different. Something that isn’t another diver, that doesn’t feature the same Sub-case with tiny tweaks. It’s a novel, beautiful design that leaves one distinctly satisfied when the watch is on the wrist”

— The Watch Clicker, USA

"It isn’t a sports watch, per se, nor it is a traditional dress watch. Rather, it is a lifestyle statement about both one’s career and culture."

— A Blog To Watch, USA

Design Cues

The Floating Case™

The TWA Flight Center featured an outstanding wing-shaped thin shell roof supported by four "Y" shaped pillars. The N.01 case pays hommage to this this brilliant and bold idea.

Striking Visual Experience

Clean Dial

Thanks to its large and clean dial, The Sept Mai gives pride of place to the visual experience. Depth of field is also there, with a subtly curved dial and two-layer reading.

Perfect Balance

Its 12-segment hour layer is coated with Super-LumiNova BGW9*, offering a futuristic look at night. The geometry and proportions of the indices ensure a perfect balance and easy reading.

Innovative Case Design

The Floating Case™

The N.01 case of The Sept Mai offers an innovative two-piece construction that makes you feel the fluidity of the design and gives you the illusion of a central case in levitation.

Fluid Design

The short and inverted lugs offer perfect symmetry and accentuate the timepiece's dynamism with a precise and demanding design, with the aim to stick to Eero's Saarinen architectural work.

Founders Edition


The iconic edition of The Sept Mai series, white hour segments on a gray brushed steel dial and hollowed-out black hands.

View FOunders Edition

Roma Edition


Timeless classic: white hour segments on a light silver sanded dial and hollowed-out black hands. A classy watch, not only dressy but sporty-chic, with its dynamic profile, slim case, and large dial.

View Roma Edition

Paris Edition


A hot temper dressed in unparalleled class. Dial gradient from burgundy to carmine on a two-layer construction with hour segments. Paris Edition is fitted with matte white hands for optimal reading.

View Paris Edition

Reykjavik Edition


The most organic edition. Its subtle gradation of emerald green leads to the darker time layer, enhanced with glacier blue indexes and matching hands.

View Reykjavik Edition

Berlin Edition


The retro-futuristic addition to The Sept Mai series has a brushed dial in Pantone Black 6C around a white ring treated with a layer of Super-LumiNova®. Enhanced with electric blue indexes and hands, the Berlin Edition exudes an energizing aura.

View Berlin Edition

New York Edition

New York is Edition pays homage to the city that never sleeps, its neon lights, and its night never totally dark. Gradient curved dial dark midnight blue to indigo on a two-layer construction with hour segments. New York Edition dial has a dynamic neon set : orange indices and blue hands.

View New York Edition

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Customer Testimonials

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Amazing Design

"I'm completely blown away. Words, photos and videos cannot depict how gorgeous this watch is. This timepiece will never leave my humble collection."

— Christopher, UK

Fantastic Work

"Your communication, authenticity, and product execution were absolutely impeccable. Well done!"

— Kyle, USA


"Just want to say Thank You. The details and uniqueness of the design will translate into many hours of wear time. You over achieved as per my personal criteria."

— Luca, Canada

Luca, Canada

"Just a stunning looking watch. Insane strap and case ⚡️"

— Michael, Singapore

A Future Classic!

"Congratulations, you made a dream come to life (yours and mine), and you sure did deliver!"

— Gerard, Switzerland


"It is very elegant, very successful, and I really like the modern grain bracelet."

— Stéphane, France