We live in a time of standardization.

An era that glorifies “efficiency”, “optimization” and “streamlining”.

At Neucarl, we want to get away from the conformism of our time. And we believe the only way to do that is to think out of the box.

That's why we use the power of bold, disruptive design to enrich people's lives.

Let's draw on the past and the future to reinvent our present.

We draw inspiration from the unconventional worlds of retro-futurism to create elegant and timeless watches. Avant-garde watches for a "Neu-courageous" world.

The world is defined by the people who design it. And we seek to shape this world differently.


Rebels, Artists, Dreamers


Our world is defined by how we design it.

Design shapes every aspect of our lives. It influences our way of life. Our way of working. The way we move. The way we eat and sleep. Even the way we tell the time.

In short, design makes our society vibrate.

We are Neucarl.

A bold and independent watchmaker who understands the power of design.
We embrace our love for art, culture and architecture to create elegant and timeless watches.

Through our timepieces, we remind people that design matters.
That good design can make the world a better place.

Good design can make the world a better place.

We embrace the power of bold, disruptive design to enrich people's lives. (Oh, and we make watches too.)

Francois Carlier – Founder and CEO

Our story


The Desire

It was during a weekend in Rome that the foundations of a new project were laid. It's the perfect place. Culture is everywhere, history is rich, heritage immense.


The Idea

Little by little, the path takes shape. Involve art, architecture, and demonstrate that design matters, that it can make the world a better place, by materializing in the present this link between past and future. Our history and our future.


The project

Decision is made to pay tribute to the work of the Finnish-American architect Eero Saarinen. The monumental TWA Flight Center at JFK airport in New York will serve as inspiration for the N.01 box, a great challenge.


The Sketch

The first sketches are made on the basis of the work of the Finnish-American architect Eero Saarinen. The TWA Flight Center at JFK airport in New York is the inspiration for the N.01 box


The Prototype

After hundreds of hours of work, we hold our hyphen: a neo-futuristic airport terminal of 7,000m2 built in 1962, and revisited in the form of a 41mm watch case in 2017.


The Sept Mai

The name The Sept Mai is retained as a reference for our first watch. A nod to this day in 2015, Le Sept Mai, which will go down as the first day in the history of Neucarl. Opening of pre-orders on Sept May 2020.


The Development

Five models complete the The Sept Mai series. Neucarl pays homage to five towns with a strong identity and a rich and inspiring cultural heritage. Five cities that have influenced Neucarl's creative journey from the outset, Paris in the lead.


The Maturity

Neucarl continues its development with several new models in preparation. With the same mission: Harness the power of bold and disruptive design to enrich people's lives.


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