Metrosol Parasol, Seville

Metrosol Parasol, Seville

Our mission is to embrace the power of bold, disruptive design to enrich people's lives.

(Oh, and we make watches too.)

Our world is defined by the way we design it.


Design shapes every aspect of our lives. It influences the way we live. The way we work. The way we commute. The way we eat and sleep. Even the way we tell time.

In short, design makes our society tick.

We’re Neucarl, a bold, independent watchmaker that understands the power of design. We embrace our love for art, culture and architecture to create elegant, timeless watches.

Through our timepieces, we remind people that design matters. That good design can make the world a better place.



We live in a time of standardization.

An age that glorifies ‘efficiency’, ‘optimization’ and ‘streamlining’.

At Neucarl, we want to break out of the conformities of our time. And we believe that the only way to do that is through original thinking.

That’s why we use the power of bold, disruptive design to enrich people’s lives.

Let's borrow from the past and the future to design our present

We take inspiration from the unconventional worlds of retro-futurism to create elegant, timeless watches. Avant garde timepieces for a brave "Neu world".

The world is defined by the people who design it. And we seek to design this world differently.

Neucarl. Design Matters


A reflection of Neucarl's core inspirations. These styles and aesthetics will inform the brand's visual guidelines on social media. They include modernist architecture, effortlessly elegant fashion and retro-futuristic styles, mainly.


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