The Sept Mai: An origin story

The Sept Mai: Le point de départ.

How a former airport terminal gave wings to a timeless watch collection.

If you’ve ever been to Terminal 5 at the John F. Kennedy airport (or “JFK”) in New York, your eyes were probably drawn to the building in front of it. Perched on a patch of road called Idlewild Drive, the edifice looks like it’s crouching, with its two wings facing the skies.

Like a concrete bird about to take flight.

This striking structure is JFK’s former TWA Flight Center, now TWA Hotel. Designed by the legendary architect Eero Saarinen in 1962, the architectural marvel enthralls anyone who lays their eyes on it.

Over time, the building inspired designers, architects, artists, and well, our first watch collection.


The story of the Sept Mai

Fast forward to 2020. Neucarl had just entered this brave new world. And we wanted to create something that wasn’t just a tribute to the past. We wanted to design a watch collection that seizes the zeitgeist.

That was the seed that birthed the Sept Mai collection. A mix of modern art and retro-futuristic trends, the watches fuse cutting-edge engineering with minimalist, streamlined design. A breath of fresh air in an age of standardization.

Bold and timeless, the Sept Mai collection borrows from the past to capture the moment.  


Saarinen, meet Neucarl

The floating case. The slender lines of the N.01 case. The clean dial, and the fluid design. Every feature of the Sept Mai evokes its inspiration: the TWA Flight Center. The collection consists of 6 timepieces, named after some of the world’s design capitals. Eye-catching, lean, and elegant, the Sept Mai isn’t just an homage to Eero Saarinen; it’s a reflection of our disruptive approach to design.


Breaking out of the conformities of our time

The TWA Flight Center symbolizes the kind of design that changes our perceptions of the world. A marker that tells us how far we’ve come. Every time the world thinks it has reached a comfortable equilibrium, something like this comes along. It shakes us to our core. It shows us that there’s more to our world than standards and rules. And that’s the type of thinking that inspired the creation of the Sept Mai collection. It seeks to break out of the conformities of our time. 

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