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Le Design Compte, aujourd'hui plus que jamais

Discover how Neucarl seeks to design our world differently.

Every time the world thinks it has reached a comfortable equilibrium, something new comes along. Something that throws us off balance, catches us off guard, makes us think differently. Something that influences the way we live, the way we work, the way we eat and sleep, the way we travel.

Behind these transformative forces there’s often an element of design. 

Let’s rewind to the 4th Century BC.

In Lower Mesopotamia, Sumerians slotted rotating axles into solid discs made of wood. They had effectively designed an early version of the wheel.

Fast forward to the moment the Wright Brothers built the first successful airplane. They effectively changed human travel forever. Then throughout the 1900s, designers like Le Courbusier and Eero Saarinen came along and changed the way we visualized our cities, our buildings and our homes.

In 2007, Steve Jobs turned an accessory into an extension of ourselves. You can argue that the one common thread that binds all of these things together is, you guessed it, design. Our world is defined by the way we design it. 

The age of standardization

These days, there exists a different kind of equilibrium. We live in an age of standardization.

Our regular work days are filled with meetings that glorify buzzwords like ‘efficiency’, ‘optimization’ and ‘streamlining’. We’re all mostly rewarded for conforming.

  • Communities conform to defined systems, boilerplate regulations, and standard procedures.
  • Consumers conform to massive corporations that deliver inexpensive, often unoriginal goods the next day.
  • Architects sometimes conform to the trends of the day.

At the heart of this standardization lies conventional thinking. We’re sacrificing originality for convenience.

We’re sacrificing ingenuity for mediocrity.

A Neu world order

We founded Neucarl to break out of the conformities of our time. And we believe that the only way to do that is through original thinking. That’s why we use the power of bold, disruptive design to enrich people’s lives. We want to remind people that outside this age of standardization, a brave Neu world awaits. 

The watches we make are merely an extension of our ‘Design matters’ philosophy. We borrow from the past and the future to create timepieces that evoke the present.

By taking inspiration from the unconventional worlds of retro-futurism, we craft elegant, timeless designs. Through these watches, through our love for art, culture and design, we want to inspire and be inspired.

We seek to embrace the power of design to enrich people’s lives. By celebrating, connecting and collaborating with architects, artists and designers from across the world, we want to help shape this brave Neu world. 

After all, the world is defined by the people who design it. And we seek to design this world differently.

We hope you’ll join us.

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