Design Matters

We are Neucarl and this is our story, so far. We believe good design can positively shape our world by impacting people’s mindsets and empowering them to experience a rich lifestyle.


By playing with the timeline of creativity, we borrow from the past and the future to be with the aesthete worlwide and share the extraordinary moments of his daily life. 

The Sept Mai, Founders Edition, by Neucarl


Neucarl exists to offer meaningful timepieces to the world, using the power of design to make you feel like an insider every time it's on your wrist.


We are big thinkers, doing things our original way which is the same as no other


We are transparent, open in our thoughts and actions, and respect each other as a family

Team Players

We are human first, business people second and take the time to listen


We are determined, focused and pursue our goals even when they seem unreachable


We are always seeking new opportunities to try new things and invest in experiments even when it seems crazy


We love our job, are happy, positive and enthusiastic no matter the task


We move forward even in the face of adversity, pushing the boundaries of what has been done before


We create one-of-a-kind timepieces to make discerning, design-driven people happy to enjoy fine independent designer's watches, made from premium custom parts and exclusive designs.

Neucarl, The Sept Mai final sketches


Find out what happened to Old Carl, learn more about Neucarl's inception, and more about our first watch collection, The Sept Mai

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Design Matters™

SHAPE IT // GOOD design, architecture, special events & stories
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